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Djablo - Rymdakademin EP
This EP comes out of an obsession with cassette tapes. When Djablo was a kid he used to record his own radio shows in his bedroom using old semi functioning cassette recorders his grandfather reluctantly gave him. His grandfather collected huge amounts of tapes, he had a whole wall full of them and there was something magical about them.

Released 10 November 2013
Label: Planet Funkatron
Format: Digital download
Running time: 11 min

All tracks produced, mixed and funked up by Djablo. Recorded in Monotronik LoFi @ Planet Funkatron.
Funkatronik Sample Pack #001 (FREE)
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I first released this free sample pack on a swedish forum for musicians a while ago. Got some really good feedback recently and decided to put it up here on the site. Contains 4 packs of samurai sliced 80's funk and disco samples. Comes in Akai MPC program flavor (MPC500, 1000 & 2500) and as WAV.

If you like it feel free to donate 1 Euro. All contributions will finance my coffee addiction and bring you more free sample packs.

Release date: 29th of October 2013
Format: Akai MPC programs & WAV
Demo beats by Djablo
Smutskatt & Djablo presents "Slices of Funk" - Cassette & Digital Download
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Smutskatt signing the cassette
Diggers Deli proudly presents Slices of Funk, an amazing split tape with maybe two of swedens most creative beat makers of the moment.

Release date: 9th of October 2013
Label: Diggers Deli
Format: Limited cassette only (digital download included with cassette purchase).
Running time: 20 min (10 min each)

All cassettes will be signed, numbered and produced in a very limited edition. There are only a few left so be quick to order!
Listen here
Buy here (limited edition - only a few copies left)
More Details..
About the release
The LoFi revolution is here. Everything about this release comes from a deep love for beat making and generally making things yourself. We make the tape ourselves, by hand we painstakingly copy each one. Why? Because both me and Smutskatt come from an era of lofi tape recordings, 8-bit video games and generally an age when things weren't so easy. I remember sitting in friends houses waiting for 20 minutes for a video game to load. 20 minutes! We hope you enjoy this release as much as we have making it.
Music video
Promo video with a little making of…
Some pics from the production floor
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Djablo's weapons of choice, the mighty Akai MPC500 and the amazing microKorg.
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Smutskatt prefers the Roland SP404 for his lofi sampling sessions. For this tape he sunk into his crates of 80's funk and disco. We are glad he did, the end result is incredible.
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One of Djablo's best kept secrets (not anymore). Process anything thru this little monster and it's sounds incredible. Lofi sweetness.
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The secret weapons of Smutskatt all in one picture. Sid Station, SP-404 and the one and only OP-1. Damn.
Price includes the cassette, a digital download and worldwide shipping
A 5€ handling fee is added upon checkout.
Important! Import duties and eventual taxes are not included in the item price. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.
Djablo "1982 (beta release)"
We live in a world of constant beta. We change ourselves to better fit the new challenges of our lives. But what happens to all those unpolished things? Things that were left behind, versions of ourselves that had so much promise but never reached the final cut?

This is the beta release of Djablo's upcoming new album "1982". Ten tracks from the album plus two exclusive never before published hidden tracks as a bonus.

The full release will feature more tracks and alternate versions of the beta ones.
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