This is not a portfolio.

In fact, you will not find a single image, illustration, app, website, animation, product, or anything else made by me here.

This is more like a summary corner. A place of momentary rest. There is so much noise everywhere, why not take a deep breath before you keep reading?

I'm Juan Maguid.

I enjoy a couple of things in life:

  • People who speak their minds.
  • Sense of humor.
  • The combination of above two things.
  • Color, typography, and the art of combining them into great-looking things.
  • Code, although I have struggled for a very long time learning it.
  • Animation, I really like when things move.
  • Writing articles that, in their best moments, combine several of the above subjects.
  • Recording tutorials about above-mentioned subjects, I really like spreading knowledge.

Professional things worth mentioning

  • I have a background in graphic design and print. Yes I'm that old.
  • The last 20 odd years have been 100% digital.
  • On my spare time I run a small software company + marketplace together with my great friend Fredrik Ward.
  • I’m passionate about moving designers closer to code.
  • My designer persona is someone technically skilled that thrives pushing things way further than the average Joe Designer.
  • I love building real code prototypes.
  • My day job is within the range of what many people call UX Design , but I usually call myself just a designer. You can call me UX Engineer if that suits you.
  • I hate boring products.

Personal things worth mentioning

  • I was born in Argentina, but came to Sweden at a very early stage in life, so basically I'm Swedish by now 😸πŸ’ͺ
  • I'm obsessed with emoji's πŸ€–
  • I have a lovely wife, Emma, and two amazing sons, Astor and Adam 🧑
  • My favorite movie director is David Lynch.
  • My favorite author is Haruki Murakami.
  • I once saw Dahlia Lama on an airport in Cyprus.
  • Before Team Sketch2React I made music. Can't have two hobbies that take up all that spare spare time.

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